Super Stylist Dress Up & Style Fashion Guru Android App Review

Super Stylist Dress Up & Style Fashion Guru Android App is based on styling. You get to style and do makeup for your clients. So, children who have interest in this niche area can be benefited a lot from this app. It is a creative activity that keeps your child occupied. It is app that is based on fashion story game. It is like helping you build a client based on your work. It is a great way to show off your prowess in makeup and styling. It is every girls dream to learn to do the makeup, style and attend celebrity events.

A Game That Plays With Girls Passion

Super Stylist Dress Up & Style Fashion Guru for Android is a cool, intuitive and stylish app. It helps you be the fashion stylist you ever want to be.  The awesome game allows you to create a client base. You have clients whom you need to dress up for specific events like a date night, award night or red carpet event. Dress them up fabulously with clothes you can purchase from your stylist bank. You can sell these clothes to clients for a profit. Carefully select clothes as per client specification. Unlock more clothes as you keep improving your performance.

The Super Stylist Fashion Guru Android App also lets you choose the accessories, shoes and hair style. Help your client look fab from head to toe. Make your clients give you recommendations. Ensure they tag you in their pictures in the social media. The app comes up with new catalogue and brands of dresses with each updates.


Super Stylist Dress Up & Style Fashion Guru Android App lets you be the trendsetter. Developed by Crazy Labs, it helps girls hone their makeup and styling skills. Shop for dresses, style and do the makeup. Participate in VIP celebrity events and photograph in the most stylish looks. Let the world know your talent so showcase the best works through social media. You will soon realize how your skills are going to make money. The app is available for free to download and use. There are ads placed by the developer. There are in-app purchases available in the app to purchase additional features.

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