Superimpose Studio Eraser Mix iPhone App Review

Superimpose Studio Eraser Mix iPhone App is a photo composition app that has rich tools to create beautiful photos. It lets you edit photos and have excellent composition features that can set your image apart. Beautiful photographs are reflections of the photographer, it reflects the kind of effort they have taken. Interestingly, it is the most downloaded photo editing app in Japan.

Take the best shots like a professional photographer

Superimpose Studio Eraser Mix iPhone App is an easy to use app with simple tools that can be used for advanced editing. The app lets you compose and edit up to twenty photos. You can place photos in different layers, edit them and merge it into one image. There are several edit tools that can perform advanced editing, including lasso tool with which you can draw an outline over the area you want to cut. The automatic deletion tool deletes adjacent colored zones automatically.

The Superimpose Studio App for iPhone has 14 different shapes with which you can make a shape based cutting. The eraser erases all that you trace and the restoration tool restores all the pixels back as you trace. You can add shadows and feather effect and its the best software to create great pics. One of the best features of Superimpose is the blending of two or more pictures. The app can seamlessly blend and edit pictures in a way that it looks like a single shot picture. There are over 300 fonts or you can choose system fonts.


Superimpose Studio has immense features that can make photos look awesome. There is an array of tools that can be used to create magic as you edit pictures. The app can easily change backgrounds and blend images. The app is available in many languages including Asian and European languages. Theapp is free fordownload and use. Thereareads placed by the developers in the free version.Therearein-app purchases available in the app to purchase pro version which is ad free. It has other customized packs with specific features that can be purchased. All payments are made through your Apple ID account.

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