Swoot Podcasts with friends Android App Review

Swoot Podcasts with friends Android App let you find podcast shows you love to listen. You get to see podcast shows that are popular, podcasts your friends are listening and more. You could be a newbie in this area or a long term podcast listener, the app helps you out to discover popular podcasts that you love to share with friends. It is designed to discover new shows from friend to friends. The main aim is to help small time podcast producers find their audience and monetize their efforts by getting the friends community to share the podcast.

Entertainment In Your Fingertips As You Get To Listen New Podcasts

Swoot Podcasts with friends for Android is a simple, intuitive app with an easy to use interface that will help podcasters and listeners alike. A unique concept of getting to know what your friends listening right now can give podcasts and episodes the much needed visibility. The users are encouraged to share their contact list, Twitter and Facebook account. You can also follow friends who are using the app so you will know what they are listening. You can also get to know what they recommend in an activity feed. A green icon will appear next to their avatar whenever they are listening to an episode.

The Swoot Android App nullifies the discovery issue every podcasts have. It gives each listener a disease of confidence when you find that a podcast or an episode already have listeners you know. You can always ask your friend about the show and decide.


Swoot for Android is an app that is a blessing for podcast listeners and help podcasters name their own  money. It is founded by Pete Curley and Garret Heaton has given emphasis on what people are listening at the moment. Audio is hard to share and be made viral. Swoot takes this challenge one step ahead and provides a platform that can help even one episode from a podcast get noticed. Theapp is free for download and use. There areads placed by the developer.There arein-app purchases available in the app.You can subscribe for podcast channels using the in app purchases.

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