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Animation Desk iPhone App Review

Animation Desk iPhone App is developed by Kdan Mobile Software LTD used for creating animations. The app is only available in the apple app store and it is only compatible with iOS devices having iOS version 9.0 or above. We can easily create animations from our videos, images, PSD layers. The Animation Desk iPhone App has been featured in the top 100 iPad entertainment apps in 86 app stores. Many websites and educational experts recommends this app for learning and creating great animations using our device.

App Highlights

Animation Desk iPhone App is made more advanced in this app by adding more attractive features. We can directly import our export Photoshop layers into the animation and also we can combine each one of the sequence to create an animatic storyboard on iPad devices. Each frame can be edited, add tags, comments etc. can be done. We can export our works in the social media and export GIFs of quality up to 640*480px. We can manually set the frame per second rate as our wish and can also play the animation in rewind mode.  

The Animation Desk App for iPhone consists of different tools to create great frame to frame animation. The copy and paste tool, brushes, colored onion skinning, Apple pencil 1, 2, Wacom etc. are some of the main tools in the Animation Desk iPhone App.  It also provides the option to add suitable soundtrack to our animation. To create great animated videos we can import videos, images, PSD layers and ad.package to the app. The final output animated video can be exported in the form of GIF, PDF, MOV etc. The screen ratio in which the videos can be exported include 16:9 and 3:4. There is also option to share our animation works to the AniZone which is a community of artists to showcase our talents.


The Animation Desk iPhone App overall performs almost the same as a software does in a desktop or laptop. The app has been well build and its simple design make it a great choice for the users globally and offers subscription plans for providing cloud storage in annually, quarterly and monthly period and the subscriptions will be charged from the iTunes account.