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ArtRage App Review

ArtRage is one of the top rated sketching and advanced art applications available on the iOS platform. Developed by Ambient Design Ltd, the app has fetched near to a thousand positive customer ratings as indicated on the App Store. ArtRage app brings a lot of painting features on the board to experience a real art studio at finger tips on the screen.


ArtRage app provides an impeccable graphical user interface. The app has been the best drawing and sketching tool as compare to its rivalries. The app offers a reasonable shade mixing alternative and additionally standard computerized RGB based mixing. It is turned off as a matter of course, as it is memory escalated, however could be turned on from the Tools menu. The app comprises painting tools as oils, watercolours, pencils, paint rollers, crayons and many more which are having a set of properties to produce extraordinary sketches. Incorporation of layer blend modes and working on a particular area can be done easily. There are lots of different improvements, the most outstanding of which are the paint symmetry choices that will accelerate painting by copying brush strokes. These incorporate mirroring, adjustable axes and rotation and symmetrical strokes.

ArtRage App Review

The key feature of ArtRage is to record every step of brush movements (painting) made on the screen, later can be played on the desktop version of the app at higher resolutions. The app supports painting resolution up to 1440 X 1440 pixels. The app permits import/export of images from social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter etc. Besides this you can pour the features of ArtRage on the imported images or images taken by Camera. The app supports unlimited redo/undo to modify the sketches as per the requirements. ArtRage supports languages as English, German, and Spanish etc. ArtRage is a complete painting package to unleash the creative and innovative sketches on the screen.

Final Thoughts

ArtRage app requires iOS version 6.0 or higher. The only snag with the app is its cost $4.99 and compatible with iPad only. There are few technical glitches which won’t bother a user during the app play. The speed, response, flexibility and performance are splendid feature of ArtRage which definitely let you get this in your iPad and enjoy a next level of sketching digital experience.