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Assembly – Art and Design iPhone App Review

There is an artist living in each and every one of us. We like to create art but due to lack of training, we often find our artwork lacking that appeal that we want. However, now you have an app that lets you create art without you having to draw a single line. Yes, Assembly – the Assembly – Art and Design app for iPhone helps to explore the hidden artist inside you.

Create Amazing Artwork

Assembly – Art and Design for iPhone contains a vast library of essential shapes, which you can combine to create a myriad number of artworks with varying complexity. You can create stickers, icons, graphics and more. You have access to over 180 shapes and over 250 stickers that you can customize freely. You also get tools which help in snapping and editing of the artwork. You can share your work with your friends over iMessage. You could also sync your creations on different Apple devices with iCloud.

Assembly - Art and Design iPhone App Review

App Highlights

Over 180 shapes and 250 stickers
Export to JPEG and PNG with a maximum resolution of 4096×4096 pixels
35 preset color palettes
Variety of tools
Create, save and share your stickers


Assembly – Art and Design for iPhone is a nice little app to have for people who want to be creative but are not feeling confident about the quality of work they would produce. It is really easy to create amazing artwork. So, install the app today and explore your creative side.