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AtHome Camera Home Security Android App Review

Are you scouting for a reliable yet not-so-complicated system to monitor your home premises remotely? If so, check this one out: AtHome Camera app for Android. It is an easy to set up, straightforward home monitoring system driven by Android. You can download AtHome Camera – Home Security app for free from Google Play Store.


AtHome Camera app for Android makes home surveillance a lot easier. It pulls it off by managing a two-point access system. To get things rolling, you got to first install AtHome Camera app in a device that has a microphone and camera. This could be your PC or smartphone of any type. Now, install the app in your Android phone as well, and pair the two using a unique connection ID. Done! You can use the app to view the situation at home. Further, you can record on a schedule, receive an email update if some motion is detected, or even perform a two way talk with the device at home from your phone. With proper hardware, you can pan and tilt your way to a full, 360 degree, 24/7 view of your secured location.

AtHome Camera Home Security Android app Review

AtHome Camera app for Android takes care of security seriously. All connections between your phone and the video streaming device are encrypted. The app is also cloud integrated so that you need not have to worry about losing the video recordings ever. The app is well designed. It is easy to find and use its features. Connectivity was immediate and problem-free when we tested it. The app was also found to be slick and responsive. AtHome Camera app requires Android OS versions 4.0+.

Final Thoughts

AtHome Camera for Android is a useful home security and video surveillance tool that works seamlessly with your Smartphone. Apart from remote surveillance, the app also permits users to record videos on schedule as well as perform two-way communication with the device installed at home. All connections between your phone and the video streaming device are encrypted, therein ensuring maximum security. Support for multiple platforms as well as cloud integration takes it global. The UI layout is user-friendly. The app is also stable and responsive. To sum it up, a simple yet reliable home security sans dedicated hardware, any complicated setup, or expensive fees.