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Arcade Hoops Basketball iPhone app Review


Step onto the court and enjoy some intense basketball action in the Arcade Hoops Basketball iPhone app.  Created by the Skyworks developers, the Arcade Hoops Basketball gaming app will provide you with hours of fun and entertainment right from your iPhone or iPod Touch.

The game offers a variety of different modes that you can choose from to test your skills and challenge your basketball know-how.  It includes a classic mode that gives you just under a minute to shoot as many two point field goals as you are capable of.  It also has a 3 point classic mode that allows you to have forty five seconds to drain as many three balls as you can from behind the arc.  The third kind of mode is the progressive one where you can shoot any kind of shot during the minute and a half time limit, all while the backboard is moving from side to side.

The game is loaded with different features including a variety of soundtracks, cool sound effects, and some amazing 3D graphics.  The gameplay is easy to catch on to, and the added challenge of moving hoops gives you some real obstacles along the way.  You can even shoot the classic red, white, and blue basketball when you choose to participate in the three point contest.

This game has a lot to offer and is a great price.  If you are a basketball lover then you will love the action that is included in the Arcade Hoops Basketball iPhone app.


  • There are three different modes to compete in including Classic Mode, 3-Point Classic, and Progressive Mode
  • Classic Mode is a short match that gives you around forty five seconds to make as many 2 point field goals as you can
  • 3-Point Classic Mode is a new addition and also gives you forty five seconds to make as many 3 pointers as you can in the time limit
  • Progressive Mode gives you 99 seconds and allows you to shoot both 2 point field goals and 3 pointers all while the backboard is moving from side to side
  • There are Local Leader boards where you can see the high scores
  • There also are Global Leader boards  that let you play against people all over the plane
  • Decent music and sound effects
  • Three different background tracks that you can toggle between
  • Two different kinds of basketballs: they traditional orange and the red, white, and blue three point ball


Voted 3 ½ stars by iPhone app users and costs $0.99.