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Camera FV-5 Android App Review

Camera FV-5 for Android is a professional camera app that brings DSLR technology to your finger tips. The app that ignites your imagination and creativity is tailored to suit photography enthusiasts, whether a professional or an amateur. The app processes raw photographs and gives them a stunning makeover akin to any of the DSLR cameras. Photographic settings are now within your reach, it is not just filters, but also ISO, white balance, exposure, compensation and metering.

Click the perfect shot with DSLR equipped smartphone

Camera FV-5 for Android is a complete point and shoot camera app that strives to offer complete control over the device. The user interface can be viewed in 30 different languages. All photographic settings are customizable and quite simple to use. The viewfinder is similar to DSLR camera. You can see the exposure time, aperture and stops display with EV. Exposure bracketing from 3 to 7 frames is available with unlimited stops spacing and custom EV shifting. The app displays 35mm equivalent focal length of zoom using pinch gesture. Beautiful night photos and light trails can be shot with up to 30 seconds of long exposure.

Camera FV-5 app has built in intervalometer that creates stunning time-lapse pictures that is also time controlled. There are infinite focus modes like the autofocus, cacti, touch to focus, true manual focus and so on. The app allows s smooth, uninterrupted operation of all the camera settings while working with an image. Metadata support is available for EXIF and XMP. The pictures can be saved in jpeg, 16 bit DNG format, and png. These formats are lossless and are editable. You can store the images anywhere and the file names are fully customizable. Camera FV-5 app costs $2.99 to download from Play Store.


Camera FV-5 for Android is an excellent choice if you have an eye for photography and you want to practice the DSLR technique before giving in for a real, expensive DSLR camera. It also shows the exact settings the device used for a shot so you could learn his it works on the photo and experiment different settings.