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Clarity Money Budget Planner iPhone App Review

Clarity Money – Budget Planner & Management for iPhone analyses your personal finances and help you make smarter and wiser decisions with your money. In a sense, it acts as your personal financial advocate. You can download Clarity Money app for free of cost from iTunes App Store.

Your Personal Financial Advocate

Clarity Money app for iPhone uses data science and machine learning to gain insight into your finances and give you tips and analysis to help you save better. The application of engineering concepts like machine learning and data science in financial management is indeed new and interesting to say the least. The best part is that Clarity Money, being an application, does not have any emotions. Its analysis and conclusion are totally based on facts only. The app essentially help you save money, plan your budget, track your spending, protect your credit score, lower your bills, and manage all of your accounts, in one place. Most important, it brings clarity to the different kinds of spending that you do every month. For example, Clarity Money for iPhone helps you prevent unwanted accounts and subscriptions from charging you. It also assists you in finding the best credit card deals that suits your earnings and spending habits. Further, the app makes transaction of money between your bank accounts quick and easy. Of course, it also generates your credit score for free, in case you wish know where you stand on the scale.


The UI of Clarity Money for iPhone is well designed. The expenses page that shows your spending on shopping is a nice touch. It gives you a fair idea on your spending in one glance. Finding and cancelling unwanted subscriptions or creating a savings account is a breeze. We found the app to be pretty stable and responsive as well. Clarity Money app requires iOS versions 9.3 or higher.

Final Take

Clarity Money – Budget Planner & Management app for iPhone improves basic budgeting with the aid of machine learning and data science. It is all algorithms and math that the decisions it make will be based solely on facts, and unhindered by human emotions. For the user, it means a strict financial manager at their fingertips. Using the app is easy enough. The UI layout is user friendly as well. Overall, a robust financial management app that is worth checking out.

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