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ClevNote Android App Review

Every day, we come across a lot of information. Now, to be more efficient and productive, we need to store the information and manage it in a proper way. Thankfully, we have smart phone apps that help us to do that with ease. ClevNote for Android is a note taking app that does a whole lot more than just taking notes. The app is a free download from Google Play Store.

How ClevNote Makes Your Life Easier

ClevNote for Android is basically a note-taking app but it is different in a lot of ways than other note taking apps out there. You can create a general note or a to-do list with just a few taps. However, the app does not stop at that. It also comes with a Birthday List that helps you to remember the birthdays of people important in your life. Whether it’s your girlfriend or boss, you would never forget anyone’s birthday ever again. Today, most of us use a lot of different website where we need to create User ID and password. Remembering the website ID along with the password can be a daunting task for most of us. Thankfully, ClevNote Android app has a ‘Website ID list’ feature that helps you save the website ID and the passwords in a safe and convenient way. It also helps you to save bank account numbers and save them easily.


What You Would Like About the App

You can create lists for birthdays, website ID and bank accounts along with creating to-do lists and taking notes.
It supports Google Drive that would help you create a backup of all the information.
The app is small in size, only 2.79 MB.


If you want to manage your life in a better way, then ClevNote for Android is one that you must have on your phone. So, get the ClevNote app from Google Play Store today and make your life simpler.

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