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Couch to 5K Android App Review

Couch to 5K android app helps you train for a walk and run marathon. The app provides you with a workout plan for 9 weeks. The WPP inspires you to get off the couch and run for health. A well planned training app with stringent but easy to follow workout schedule has helped many reach the finish line. Easily makes you a professional runner with the physique you dreamt off. It provides all the motivation you need keep up with the pace. Make you want to quit all your lazy habits for good.

Get, set, go

Couch to 5K app for android is quite professional in approach. Workouts planned by trainers from active.com, is easy to follow and not strenuous on your body. Just spend about 30 minutes for 3 days a week over nine weeks. You will get in form to win a 5K race. There four different virtual coaches to choose from. They will give us cues to guide us through the workout. The in-app music player let you listen to your favorite music as you workout.

Couch to 5K android app helps to track your performance through graphs. Easily compare the distance and average pace. Repeat your workout to see if you have improved your performance. GPS support helps you calculate the distance and support and can also map routes. Enter the data in app and share in social media. Great communities of fitness enthusiasts are available in active.com. You will get a lot of support and motivation from them. Once you are done with the coaching fir 5K, you can take up the next level, 10k.


Couch to 5K android app is quite awe inspiring. It is one of the best health and fitness app and also winner of Appy Award. It is quite safe to practice the workout plan as it avoids injuries. It paces out the workouts and avoids doing too much too soon. A motivating voice encourages you through out the workout. The app cost just $3.52 to download and use. All the features are made available with no further in app purchases. It contains ads.