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Couple – Relationship Android App Review

Couple for Android is a private messaging app that can be used only by two people. There are umpteen texting apps available in the market, like Skype, Facebook, Twitter and others. The difference is while these you can chat with numerous people, in Couple you can only chat with one person and that special person need to be in a romantic relationship with you. It is a great app to show this special someone how much you love and care.

Nurture your feelings for your love

Couple Relationship app for Android is more intimate compared to other apps and help you keep and the best way to build intimacy in a relationship. It’s fun and totally private. It lets you express yourself in ways possible. Videos, audio, texts, photos and stickers and aid in keeping the relationship alive and be close. Download couple and create a free account. You have to send an invite to your partner and make them accept their invite. You can now start interacting with your partner.

The sop keeps track of all important dates like anniversaries, birthdays and other important dates that matter most to both of you. You create a shared to do list for the day and keep tab of them. Chat and share each others photo then and there. Varieties of fun stickers help you express your mood and emotions. Touch on the same spot and make it vibrate. This feature is called thumbkiss. Send secrets, and these will disappear from the app within a fixed time. Broadcast your location information and make it easier and peaceful.


Couple Private Messaging app for Android has everything in one place needed for messaging in a romantic relationship. It keeps all those special moments saved privately in one place. This app is perfect for both long distance relationships and those who are residing in the same city. You can still try this app with your friends, but it may not sound apt sending a ‘thinking of your message to friends. The app is free to download with in-app purchases from $0.99 to $1.99.