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Cozi Family Organizer iPhone App Review

Cozi Family Organizer for iPhone helps you organize everyday life and keeps the whole family in the loop. Using the app, you can track schedules and appointments, list out family tasks, create shopping lists, and use the journal to highlight momentous times. The app can be obtained for free from iTunes.

Effectively Track Schedules and Appointments

What makes Cozi Family Organizer for iPhone works is its set of features. It comes with a shared calendar, shopping lists, to do lists, recipe box, journal, and more. In the calendar, you can track everyone’s schedules. You can set reminders for yourself or others in the family so no one misses practice or an important event. It is also possible to dispatch automated daily or weekly agenda emails to any family member as you wish. The app also comes handy in your shopping trips. Everyone in the family will always know what you need at the grocery store. You can view the items added by other family members in real-time, not to mention the option to create as many shared to do lists as you want. The app also got a recipe box feature wherein you can organize all your recipes in one place that’s accessible anytime. You can easily add ingredients to your shopping list quickly and schedule meals onto your calendar. The no-dim button keeps your screen on so that you can cook by referring to a recipe from the iPhone.


The best part of Cozi Family Organizer for iPhone is that everyone in the family can access the account using their email ID and the shared family password. The Cozi calendar, shopping lists, to do items, recipe box and family journal are all accessible from any iPhone or PC. For additional features such as contacts, Birthday Tracker, mobile app themes, more reminders, mobile month view, and change notifications, you got to upgrade to Cozi Gold for $19.99.

Final Take

When it comes to shopping lists, family calendar, a recipe box, to-dos, and even a family journal, Cozi Family Organizer app for iPhone has got you covered. Users can color-code each one’s calendar, share to-do and shopping lists, set reminders, and keep track of special moments with photos. Most importantly, it is simple and easy to use. The UI design is user friendly as well. The app also got Apple Watch support. Check it out if you are looking for family organizer to keep you and your family on track.

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