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Define – Offline Dictionary Android App Review

Why you might need a bulky printed dictionary, when you can have it in an app? Define for Android is an offline floating dictionary app that can be accessed from any screen or app. You can get Define – Offline Dictionary app for free from Google Play Store.


Define – Offline Dictionary for Android allows you to browse word meanings without a network connection. It adds a floating icon to your phone/tab screen so that you can quickly check for words while you’re reading an ebook or article on web. You can also search the app’s database by performing a word search. You only need to enter the word in the search box, and the app will return the relevant words with definition.

Define Offline Dictionary Android App

The search option is pretty obvious and it works like in any other dictionary app. The second method – using the floating icon – however is more innovative. Imagine you’re reading an ebook and stumbled upon a word you did not recognize or understand. To lookup the word, simply highlight the word on the webpage and click the floating icon. The meaning of the highlighted word will be shown on the screen. Make sure that you read the word immediately as the word will be displayed only for few seconds. Unfortunately, you can’t delay the message pop out time.
Define app for Android is an offline dictionary app meaning you can use it even when there is no active internet connection in your phone. The UI is simple and intuitive. Functionality wise, the app is stable and responsive. However, it would have been great had the word definitions provided had more details such as if a given word is noun, verb or adjective.

Final Thoughts

Define – Offline Dictionary for Android is a user friendly offline floating dictionary app worth checking out. It is easy to use and pretty functional. You can search words using the search box or alternatively use the floating widget wherein you only got to highlight the desired word on the webpage or ebook you’re reading. It is also stable and responsive. Define Dictionary app comes handy to those who loves to read books while traveling, or those who are attempting to improve their English vocabulary.