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Eve Period Tracker Android App Review

Eve Period Tracker Love Sex & Relationships Android App will take care of your menstrual cycle. It is a technology that helps you understand your periods better. Along with periods, you can have a better hold on your ovulation and fertility period. Women may not always be clear about their periods, and the menstrual cycle. It can be confusing to calculate the fertility period when you are trying to conceive. You may have to depend on a gynecologist to understand all of this. But, the app has managed to prevent you from all the embarrassments of asking very private and personal questions about your own body.

Track Your Period, Ovulation With An Expert

Eve Period Tracker for Android is a simple, fast and a beautiful app that can effectively keep track of your periods, ovulation, sex, PMS, moods and more. You can login anytime of the day or night. It helps manage your symptoms and keeps track of your health data with beautifully visualized charts. You can now easily identify your body symptoms, trends and pattern.

The Eve Period Tracker – Love Sex & Relationships Android App delivers daily insights, quizzes and fascinating articles on women’s health. The interactive period Tracker is lots of fun. It becomes like a part of your life where you will get a forecast on your fertility and ovulation period. And, predictions will get better over time. You get to review past predictions and make comparisons. The calendar view will show your next ovulation day, fertility window and upcoming periods. It us a great way to enjoy womanhood.


Eve Period Tracker Android App, developed by Glow Inc, was named the most innovative app by Google Play and is also the winner of Webby for Health and Fitness, 2016. Its strong community and group consists of women with whom you can discuss about sex, periods, PMS and any other health related topics. You can easily learn about your personal things from other women. You can trust the app for birth control and sex. The app is free for download and use. There are ads placed by the developer. There are in-app purchases available in the app to subscribe for additional features.