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Extreme Personal Voice Assistant for Android

Extreme for Android is a personal voice assistant app that is secure and get things done easily using artificial intelligence. The best virtual personal voice assistant that is quite friendly and guides you through your day to day tasks. The app understands everything you speak in English and manages to deliver almost everything you had voiced out. The app protects your privacy such that it protects your conversations securely and cannot be accessed by anyone else other than you. All you need to do is to install the app in your smart phone.

Converse, and get assisted intelligently

Extreme Personal Voice Assistant for Android accepts everything you throw at it and neatly packages into an intelligent answer. You can ask any questions which is there in the top if your mind. Just ask “What is Climate change? and you will get the answers in a blink. Tell the app to take a selfie and you will be photographed immediately. You need to get directions to a new place, be it, downtown New York or Calcutta, the app collaborate with Google Maps and gets you the directions. You are never going to be lost in a strange world. Choose your area of interest and you will be updated with daily news and tidbits.

Extreme for Android is aware of the device settings and time and you can use it as a timer to set alarms and reminders. Text your friends, email or even attend calls, the app makes it all possible from within itself. It works equally well with WhatsApp, Skype and other apps so you need not shy away from asking. Secure personal voice assistant works round the clock to get what you need in the best possible way.

Highly Customizable Personal Voice Assistant

Extreme Personal Voice Assistant for Android helps you efficiently with your chores. The app supports different languages like English, Hindi, Tamil, Chinese, Indonesian, Portuguese, French, German and so on. Apart from the daily tasks, Extreme also has some fun elements like a few games to keep you entertained. The app is a free download from Google Play Store. There are a few paid in-app purchases which come with additional functionalities that enhance the user experience.