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Filmborn – Better Photos iPhone App Review

Filmborn for iPhone is a camera app that lets you use the native camera of the device and apply the edit features of the app. On the contrary, the app also has an in-app camera that can also be used which has more functionality than the device camera. There is no need to import images as the app connects to the library and can access photos. It is delight to professional and amateur photographers. Filmborn is an app for better photos in less time.

Shoot the picture perfect shot with Filmborn

Filmborn for iPhone is feature rich with clean and simple interface. The live preview enables you to compose and expose photos as you preview with a preset applied. This will help you click the perfect shot. The gestures are easily mastered. You just need to slide up and down to adjust exposure and left right to set the white balance. You can keep these features turned on as you click with live preview to achieve a zero click edit. The true to film presets has no comparison with any other app for its timeless look of real film for each shot.

The highlight clipping tool can preserve details of the highlights. This tool let’s you find out where all the highlights are being replaced by pure white. You can lower the exposure of that area to bring back the details. Filmborn app provides three custom cameras and each can be configured for your specific tasks. Select a different viewfinder, virtual lens and a film preset from the configuration panel for each camera and switch between them by just tapping.

Better photos. Less Time

Filmborn iPhone app gives a stylish classy look to your photographs. The app is light on your battery life and your work is always safe. It is designed to bridge the gap of film photography with digital advancements. It encourages people to film movies by seamlessly blending the world of films with technology. There are detailed specifications on each film stock that helps users learn about real films and how effectively it can be shot. The app costs $2.99 to download from iTunes App Store.