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Google Meet Android App Review

Google Meet Android App is a video conferencing app that is a part of Google’s G Suite. It is an upgraded version of the popular app Hangouts. It is a secure app that is used for setting up meetings through video conferencing. The app supports up to 250 people to join in one meeting. It has high quality, high definition video rendering with unlimited features that makes conferencing quite convenient. It is quite safe, secure and has high level of encryption. There is absolutely no hassles about accessing and you can join immediately as and when your hosts join.

Meet Up With Everyone Easily And Safely

Google Meet for Android is an easy to use app that has simple tools to facilitate video conferencing. The app interface displays who is in the meeting, the chat room, some details about the meeting, audio on/off buttons, and camera. Joining the meeting is as simple as clicking the link provided by the host. The host can share the screen, presentation, spreadsheet or any other files with the members. HD videos can be accessed.

Use the Google Calendar to invite participants. People can join in through their phone, desktop or laptop. All meetings has a phone number that can be dialed in directly. The meeting is recorded and all members will receive a link to the recorded meeting once the meeting is over. The app integrates well with other tools in the G Suite offering hosts of additional features.


Google Meet Android App lets you securely connect and collaborate on the go anywhere and anytime. The app allows international dial numbers for any meeting anytime. The service include valuable feature like recording options, screen sharing and more. You can dial in with your phone. It has the best video conferencing service reviews for the year 2020. The app is free for download and use. There are no ads placed by the developer. There are no in-app purchases available in the app. It is a part of G Suite which has to be purchased. There are three service plans, namely, Basic, Business and Enterprise. Each plan come with different cost, storage capacity, number of hosts among others.