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Hey! VINA Android App Review

Hey! VINA Android App is solely for the women. It is a great platform where women can meet new friends, the app stands for women friendship. It is quite interesting where you get to make friendship and be happy in a community of like minded people. The app helps you live the best of life. You don’t have to worried about getting in touch with strangers or being targeted. You will not be alone when you travel or visit a new place. A social circle is within your reach whenever and wherever you go. A perfect app that will help you grow your friends base.

Have A Perfect Companion With Like Minded Girl Friends

Hey! VINA Where Women Meet New Friends for Android is a simple and beautiful app that lets you tap and make friends wherever you are. The app allows you to sign up with a Facebook account. This will enable to find contacts you already know and also confirms your gender. You can take up a quiz that will let you find compatible matches. You can join a community to be able to be in a social circle of your interest.  You just have to swipe to let others know that you want to meet.

Hey! VINA Android App has personalized introduction that makes things easier when you meet a potential friend. You can make virtual meeting and then meet up in real life. The app let’s you add your friends list and form groups.


Hey! VINA App for Android is something women will get addicted. There are varied and interesting choices of community. You are not alone if you are pregnant, cancer survivor, engaged, gamer or have any other quirky interests. You will find a group of community for something or the other. The app has certainly made life easy for you to find the companion with whom you can share your worries, thoughts and plans. You just have to match and then meet up. The app is free for download and use. There are no ads placed by the developer. There are no in-app purchases available in the app.