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Homicide Squad: New York Cases iPhone App Review

Homicide Squad New York Cases iPhone App is a detective gaming where we needs to find hidden objects to solve murder mysteries. Our aim in this game is to investigate crime scenes, search for clues from the spot, analyze all the evidences, solve the case using evidences and finally arrest the criminals. The game has been very well designed and it really tests our detective skills. This app can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store and it has in-app purchases. In this game we need to play the role of a detective and solve crimes to provide justice in the city of New York. The game offers only limited energy to play with and we need to wait for some time to refill the energy otherwise we needs to purchase them.

Show our Detective Skills

The Homicide Squad iPhone App game displays a variety of crime scenes and it is the duty of us to find solutions from the crime scenes and solve it. The gameplay has been really awesome with good graphical support and visuals. We need to accompany with other detectives to restore law and order in the city by visiting crime locations and prove our skill in detective field. The storylines behind each crime is been cool and really engaging ones which attract the player to solve the crime and to find the real culprits. The Homicide Squad for iPhone has an attractive interface with quality visuals and energy meter, money earned etc. been featured.

After finding the hidden objects and clues we can analyze the required clues in the lab and find necessary output which helps to catch the criminal much easier. We can interrogate suspects in our list and may also get important clues from their words. Finding hidden objects is to be done much quicker as possible in order to earn more stars to unlock more areas, analyze clues in the laboratory etc.

Bring justice to the city

The Homicide Squad iPhone App is overall a great choice to all detective game lovers and it has contents to make the game engaging throughout. The in- app purchases can be done to purchase bonus tokens, energy freeze, double energy etc. in the App store. The game requires iOS version 9.0 or above for working and it is available in many languages such as English, French, German etc. Overall this game is a great time pass for iOS users and we can showcase our detective skills to bring justice in the city.