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Join.me Simple Meetings Android App Review

join.me Simple Meetings Android App feature rich cloud based app that allows people, businesses and other organizations to collaborate instantly. The app makes it quite easy to meet people online either for official or personal purposes. Initiating a meeting is as easy as pressing a button.  Anywhere anytime on the go you can stay connected. Not just the audio, you have video conferencing through data or Wi-Fi. All participants can join the conversation wherever they are, whether at home, airport or while travelling. It does not need a complex setup and installations. The app is hosted in cloud and ready to run once setup.

Collaborate and communicate with a difference

join.me app for android is simple and easy to use. Its neat interface has everything accessible within a few taps. Host meetings with a single participant or a big group and initiate audio and video calls. Share your screen and open any application for presentation. The screen share button will let you share documents, Excel, PowerPoint or any websites.

Schedule a meeting or have an impromptu chat conversation.  Arrange a conference call easily. Joining these meeting requires you to just type the meeting code. You will be on the same page with many participants even if you are miles away. The participants can hear you, follow whatever you show. Use the spotlight feature to highlight important points. You can make another participant as the presenter. See who all are attending and can also zoom in to get a better view. Create your own branded background image for the app that can be used by all.


join.me simple meeting android app used by lot of people and companies has given a positive review. With each people having different needs, the app is customizable based on the requirement. You just have to know if you need the basic functionality or complex features. The app has industry specific tools that offers functionality that cater to a large group of people. All versions of the app is available for free trial. The three different versions with different set of features are offered in a flexible and affordable prices.