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Let's Golf! iPhone app Review


Golfing just became even more accessible with the creation of the Let’s Golf! iPhone app.  In Let’s Golf! you have the opportunity to take control of four different characters as you test your skill on the 63 different holes that await you.  This game boasts some of the best 3D graphics for a golfing app and the environments are some of the best of any of the other iPhone apps out there.

This game was created by Gameloft and they did a good job of making the controls very user friendly and easy to pick up.  They even added some additional features during the challenge mode where you can even put some spin on the ball.  There is also a casual mode that is a bit easier for those people out there who like to golf but don’t care that much about precision and deep concentration.

So grab your golf club and start swinging in Let’s Golf!


  • There are four different characters that you can choose from to take on the challenging courses
  • Each of the characters is customizable so you can make them look however you want
  • The characters each have their strengths and weaknesses
  • There are 63 different holes to play on
  • Four different locations to play including the Countryside of England, the Mountains of America, Beach in Fiji, and the Lochs in Scotland.
  • Impressive 3D graphics
  • Multiplayer mode available through local WiFi so that you can challenge all of your friends and prove who is the best golfer
  • The controls are easy to use and can be changed to fit any player’s style
  • Two main modes: Advanced mode and Casual Mode
  • Advanced Mode is more realistic and simulates a real golf game.  You can even manipulate golf swings like putting a spin on the ball
  • Casual Mode is a bit easier and is more for relaxed fun.  You will have less Bogies and won’t have to be as precise to get a good shot


Overall a great game.  The 3D graphics are very impressive and the controls are smooth.  It offers quite a bit of replay as you can go through the game and beat it with all four characters.  Being able to customize the characters is also a nice touch and lets you feel like you have more control over certain aspects of the game.

Voted 4 stars by iPhone app users and currently costs $1.99 to download.