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Sling TV: Live TV Streaming Android App Review

Sling TV for Android is one of the first live TV streaming app and was a dream comes true for people who would love to cut the cord. Compared to other competitors, Sling TV is the cheapest with a decent offering of cable channels, Live TV and OnDemand content. You can now think of reducing your cable bill, as Sling TV lets you watch most of them for way less than what you could imagine. It lets you watch your favorite shows anywhere and on almost any device.

Fun and entertainment at its cheapest and best

Sling TV: Live TV Streaming for Android has two plans, Sling orange and Sling blue. The Sling orange offers 30 plus channels and Sling blue has 40 plus channels. It also offers the combination of both the plans. The channels that is been offered with the orange plan is not what you get in the blue plan. For example, if orange offers channels like ESPN, Disney then you will not find them in blue but it will have channels like Fox and USA. Hence, both channels are offered at the same price. The blue plan has more local options.

Premium channels are available as a la carte which are fairly priced and have standard streaming service. Some of the channels include, HBO, Showtime, Cinemax and so on. The add-on package for sports is pretty cheap. More the ten channels are in the offering in the sports package. This works out really well for the viewers as you select the set of base channel you prefer and add on only what more you want to watch. So you pay for only what you want to view. There is no dearth for add-ons in Sling and you have various choices like News, Lifestyle, Sports and so on.


Sling TV: Live TV Streaming for Android gives what you need without hefty monthly bill. Both TV and Cloud DVR are available as add on for a reasonable price. It also offers international TV service in the US featuring 18 languages that include Spanish, Arabic, Hindi and more. The two base plans starts at $25 and each and combination of both the plans can be availed at $40.