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Max Payne Mobile Android Game App Review

Max Payne Mobile for Android is a mobile shooting game, which belongs to the third person shooter games. It is an award winning title that has redefined the action shooter genre. The concept is story driven and the entire game play revolves around that. Max Payne, a fugitive undercover cop, has been framed for murder of his own family. The whole world is against him and he is fighting a lone battle without any hopes to win.

Fighting, Shooting and winning over a lone battle

Max Payne Mobile for Android is one of the most favourite shooting games to be in the market for the past 15 years which is endlessly entertaining and has received plenty of critical acclaim. The original gameplay mechanics makes this game more interesting with plenty of mindless shooting. Any rockstar title comes with mindless action. You just need to press the bullet time button, the game slows down to give you ample time to choose an enemy, shoot them out. The bullet time varies as per the level and the difficulty setting is in. Each time you kill an enemy your bullet time will get charged.

Max Payne Mobile Android Game App Review

Like in most of the action games, there is a standard health bar, loads of weapons ranging from pistols, shot gun, machine guns, crowbar, and rocket launchers. Combating in touch screen is quite easy. By default, soft aim is enabled, you just need to swipe to the direction and the game picks up the target. The graphics are sharp and of HD quality resolution and texture that provides a great visual experience and the settings are customisable. There are special bonus levels and cheats to get through the various difficulties in each level.


Max Payne Mobile game is most optimised to play smoothly in both android phones and tablets, is definitely a must try for game enthusiasts. It is quite a game changer, that people who were used to games like Call of Duty Modern War Machine, this game is hilariously simplistic and on the face. It changed the way people saw action games. The game costs $1.99 to download with no ads or in-app purchases.