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Mimicker Alarm Android App Review

Most of us set alarms on our smart phones. As easy as it is to set an alarm, it is quite easy to ignore it as well. How many times it has happened that you have set an alarm but when it rang, you just went to your sleep? Many times, right? After you actually wake up, you repent for missing the alarm. Well, such incidents would become the thing of the past if you have Mimicker Alarm on your Android. This is a smart new alarm app developed by the Microsoft Garage team.

Ensuring that you wake up on time every day

Most of the alarm apps make the phone ring on a pre-determined time. Mimicker Alarm for Android does that too. But the difference is in the way, you disable your alarms. Unlike other apps, you cannot disable the alarm here at just the press of a button. The app would ask you to repeat a phase or give you a task like taking a selfie or making an expression. If you don’t complete the task on time, the alarm would ring again. There is no escaping it! You can customize the alarm, including changing the snooze settings and choosing the task. Mimicker Alarm also allows you to take pictures of yourself and send it to your friends after each alarm.

Mimicker alarm Android App Review

App Highlights

Gives tasks for disabling the alarm, which is a more effective way for waking you up!
Mimics include tongue twisters, taking a selfie, matching an expression, capture the color and more.
Create your own mimic by altering the code at GitHub


Mimicker Alarm for Android really does offer you a more effective way of waking up after your alarm. The mimics or the tasks are really fun. So, install the app and make waking up at morning something that you can look forward to!

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