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Noizz Photo Video maker Android App Review

Noizz Photo Video maker Android App formerly known as biugo is a free, in-app purchase android app developed by biugo used for video editing. This app is supported in android devices of android version 4.4 and above can be downloaded from Google Play Store. We can easily create short videos with life oriented effects and themes using this app. We can also easily transform our pics to make stunning short videos and can easily share them with our friends and family or save it to our device.


The Noizz Photo Video maker Android App is been easy to control and the interface is simple so that beginners can also create videos easily. The smart auto cutout feature available in this app is a great help for all video editors because it automatically detects the face or the full body of the model and selection is done only at the required portion. This helps normal users to save a lot of time and selection becomes much perfect than free hand drawing. Another great feature of the app is that allows the user to add their favorite music to their videos from their device. The video effects added in the app are been user preferred such as it includes beautiful video effects such as changing the color of the sky in one second, wishes, flying eagle etc.

The Noizz Photo Video maker for Android also holds a large collection of themes and effects thereby the user can select the magic effects that they wish to add to their pictures. These personalized effects are easy to add with just one tap and new effects and themes are updated every time. After creating interesting videos and photos we can easily share them through social media channels such as Whatsapp, facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Twitter, YouTube etc.


The Noizz Photo Video maker Android App is easy to use and helps users to create some great memorable moments. The in-app purchases can be done within the app using Google play game balance or internet banking facilities. Unlocking the app provides users a vast variety of features such as tons of filters to choose, 3D stickers and many other features to make our creation live. Altogether this app is a great choice for all video editing lovers and also for those who want to showcase their editing skills.