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Overcast Audio Podcast Player iPhone App Review

Podcasts are a great way to stay connected with the things you are interested in. Every average user has subscriptions to at least two to three podcasts. Most of the people have subscribed to far greater number of podcasts. However, managing these podcasts becomes quite a challenge. If you have an iPhone, then you can easily do that with the help of the Overcast app.

Manage Podcasts with Ease

Overcast Audio Podcast Player for iPhone is specifically designed to help you to manage your podcasts with ease. With Overcast, you can download podcasts for playing at anytime, even offline. You can search for interesting podcasts and even get recommendations from Twitter. You would get push notifications when new episode is released. You can even add a particular episode to your playlist and juts listen to it, without actually subscribing to the podcast. Overcast app is supported by ads but you can remove them by getting a ‘season pass’ for just $9.99. Overcast also comes with features such as Voice boost and speed control which enhances your listening experience.

Overcast Audio Podcast Player iPhone App Review

App Highlights

Listen to podcasts, even offline
Smart playlist management
3D touch support
Apple Watch and CarPlay support.


If you want to get the best in entertainment and keep a track of all the things that happen with podcasts, then Overcast for iPhone is just the thing that you need. So, get the app and manage your podcasts with ease.