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Peacock TV Android App Review

Peacock TV Android App that streams TV and movies for your daily dose of entertainment. The app also provides you with regular updates on sports, news, pop culture and more. This new streaming service is from NBC Universal and offers you the best of both world, the streaming service and media. You can watch hundreds of classic movies, current hits, numerous episodes of your TV shows, and excluding originals. You also get to know what is happening around your favorite sports. Political news will be at your fingertips and you never will have to rely on any other media.

Get The Best Out Of Both Worlds

Peacock TV Stream TV, Movies, Live Sports & More for Android is simple and easy to use app for streaming service. The access is instant and the streaming is smooth. You get to watch the movies from production houses like Universal, Focus Features, DreamWorks Animation and Illumination. There are fascinating documentaries like Dave Chappelle’s Block Party, Dying Laughing, Murderball, I Am Ali and more. You get to watch exclusive TV shows which you can binge watch. All NBC hits are available for stream.

The movies and shows are categorized into different levels. Kids get to watch their favorite movies and TV shows. There are brand new seasons of Where’s Waldo and Curious George. There are live sporting events which will also include the Olympics. The app now has Spanish content as well.

Stream everything

Peacock TV Android App is the best streaming service available with so many features. The streaming service of the app is available only in United States and its territories. The app is free for download and use and there are ads placed by the developer. There are in-app purchases available in the app. You can subscribe for premium and premium plus versions of the app to all access all the features of the app without any restrictions. Premium plus version is ad free and you can down load titles to your device so you can watch later. With premium version, you get more to watch and binge. There are more movies, shows, seasons, live events to watch.