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Phone Tracker iPhone app – Smartphone Apps Review


There was a time when finding individual people on that planet was almost impossible.  However, with the advancement of technology and the global network of satellite driven cell phones, it is now a reality!  The Phone Tracker iPhone app lets you locate anyone’s phone…. as long as they are with you when you start tracking it.

This app is actually very easy to use.  It is as simple as typing in your friends’ phone number, launching the search, and then finding the phone!  This is one of those iPhone apps that is meant to impress your friends and nothing else.  The app appears to be able to find any phone in any location on the planet, but in reality it only finds the location of your own phone.  You can use this app once to impress your friends, and twice to show them that it is a hoax.  The best way to go about it is to only search for their phone or anyone else that is currently with you, otherwise the gig is up.

This app does require an internet connection because it will actually find the location of your phone and it allows for zoom functions and the illustrations show that it is actually finding the phone that you are searching for.  It really does create the illusion that it can find any phone, which will most certainly amaze anyone that is with you during the time that you use it.


  • Requires an internet connection
  • Can locate your phone individually
  • Has a great zooming feature and location screen to present the illusion of actually finding your friend’s phone.


Unless you have a lot of different friends that take things for face value and don’t ask any follow-up questions, you can use this app once on each of them.  But if not then it is almost completely worthless.  Don’t spend your money on this app as you will never use it enough to make it worth a dollar, unless there is a friend who is extremely gullible that you are just dying to prank.  It has literally no features, and is completely centered around providing a quick “wow” from your friends and then the secret is out.  There are other apps that are similar but offer many more features than this one does.

Voted 3 stars by iPhone app users and is currently available for download for $0.99.