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Pixlr Express App for Android Review

I love to click pictures with my phone camera. These days mobile phone cameras are way better than they were a couple of years ago. Of course there is still some way to go before they’ll be as good as digital cameras, if not better. Hence a decent photo editor will always come handy, and one such tool worth mentioning is Pixlr Express app for Android. This free app is powerful enough to let you edit photos on the go, and it is quite easy to handle. You can download Pixlr Express Android App from Google Play Store.

Pixlr Express App Features

With Pixlr Express app for Android, you can do much more than adding pretty border or other effects to the photo. However, let’s start with borders. You can choose from more than 600 effects, overlays, and borders to personalize any image. Use the ‘favorite’ button to mark the borders/effects that you use the most. Such an option makes some sense as it is cumbersome to go through the 600 choices every time you sit down to edit a photo. But the best part with Pixlr Express app is that you can add much more than ‘glitter’ and ‘stars’ to your photos. You can crop, resize, straighten and rotate images easily, remove red eye, whiten teeth, adjust colors/contrast as per your liking, or adjust the mood using overlays. You can also add lighting effects, with an option to adjust the intensity and orientation of each effect.

Pixlr Express App for Android

If you’re too lazy to add the effects one-by-one, make use of the ‘Auto-fix’ feature that provides a one-click fix to balance out colors, adjusting for dark photos and poor lighting conditions. It works most of the times, even though sometimes it throws the colors way out of sync. Another ‘downside’ is that the app got too many options to adjust the pictures – too much for the context of a phone, if it can be put that way. Once done with editing, you can share your photos via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter or save it back to your gallery. Pixlr Express application is compatible with Android OS versions 2.2 and upwards.


Pixlr Express app for Android gives you lots of options – perhaps too many – to touch-up your photos. But it works fine 9/10 times, few shortcomings notwithstanding. SNS integration comes handy if you wish to share your photos with your friends/family. Verdict: Clearly one of the best free photo editing apps you’ll find in Google Play Store.