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Castbox iPhone Podcast Player App Review

Castbox for iPhone is an app that takes on the role of a primary podcast player.  Podcasting is back in vogue and it is one main source of information and entertainment. Castbox has everything you need, you just have to name it. The app lets you find, save, download and listen to unlimited podcast, audiobooks, FM and radio. Search for the best podcast that has your topic of interest. The collection of podcast covers as many genres than what you expect. For people who love to listen to what is happening around the world then tune in to the numerous radio stations it offers.

Listen, listen and listen to your hearts content

Castbox for iPhone has over 340, 000 free podcasts that covers genres like arts, business, drama, spirituality, science, fitness, health and more. If you are a news freak who wants to stay abreast with there are enough and more radio channels. You get to hear news and commentary from stations around the globe in real time. It is also a good marketing platform for local stations to garner audiences towards local products. Search and select podcasts and you can either stream them or download them so you can listen later.

Castbox iPhone Podcast Player App Review

Playlist can be personalized based on your liking. You can set it to play continuously that lets your favorite as you workout, commute, relax, or at kitchen without any interruption. Based on your choices you will get personalized recommendations. Powerful search engine allows you to find the right choices and easily stream or download them. The app supports smart speakers including Apple Homepod, Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Sonos. The app syncs well with multiple devices. Sleep timer let’s you fall asleep when it’s time.

Ultimate Podcast App for Podcast Fans

Castbox for iPhone delivers everything you want. Discover unlimited number of podcasts and subscribe those that match your taste. You get to be imaginative listening to creative content and lose the habit of staring at your screen while you travel. Castbox brightens any given day with its interesting array of channels. The app is available for free to download with in-app purchases for various subscriptions.