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Poshmark – Buy & Sell Fashion Android App Review

Poshmark – Buy & Sell for Android is a new and leading marketplace to shop online. The app allows you to buy and sell fashion, new or used. If you are of the habit of buying used items that saves tons of money then this app is for you. You can save a great deal as you buy clothing, accessories and many other items around our house. This app also provides a platform to sell things you no longer need.

Shop, Sell, and Party in Style

Poshmark for Android is based on similar lines of eBay and Craig’s list. It is a social networking platform that urges people to socialize. For sellers, this app works like a consignment store. You can set up your own closet or boutique where you can upload pictures of items you wish to sell. If your closet can pull a good number of followers, then you can get your items sold quickly. Buying is the easiest task in Poshmark. You can pick your favorite brands which will then be displayed in the feed. When you first log into the app, you will be in a Poshmark showroom where posh parties are conducted. This helps focus on your personal style and clothing. These parties helps you understand your taste of clothing and quickly learn to search all your favorite items.

Poshmark - Buy Sell Fashion Android App Review

Posh parties let you choose your accessories and clothing around a particular designer brand or style. It is a social selling platform where being social and gaining followers can really platform. Buyers can also gain from participating in parties and making contacts to get the best deals.


Poshmark – Buy & Sell for Android is an easy to use platform for both buyers and sellers. The app presents a unique strategy to get the best deal whether you are buying or selling. It is an easy ecommerce solution that makes use of Android for online consignment. It takes about seven days to ship the item. You have provision to cancel a transaction. The prices on offer are 70% cheaper than the retail price.