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Dash Along and Have Fun with Princess Sofia Game for Android

Even though endless runner games such as Temple Run and Subway Surfer are typically not violent like first-person shooters, they are not generally targeted at female players. Dash Along and Have Fun with Princess Sofia game for Android is an exception to this trend. It specifically caters to the often overlooked audience of young female players. The game may be downloaded free of cost.

Endless Runner Game for Female Players

Princess Sofia for Android is a simple game that young female players will have fun with right away. The basic premise of running forward to collect the good things while jumping (achieved by tapping on the screen) to avoid obstacles applies to this as well. But what separates this game from the myriad of other similar game-play options is that it is designed with princess-loving little girls in mind. The game play is decent. The difficulty level increases slightly as you move up the levels. But at no point, it is difficult to manage. Dash Along and Have Fun with Princess Sofia for Android has got decent graphics and simple controls. The graphics, though they work for the game, they’re nothing to work up much excitement about. Little bit of more color and vibrancy would have made it much better to look at. The layout is pretty simple as well. Children won’t find any issue navigating the app.

Overall, we felt that the developers had paid attention to creating an interesting and fun storyline for this app but they did not seem to spend as much time on its appearance. In that sense, it still got room for improvement. Performance wise, Dash Along and Have Fun with Princess Sofia game is rather slick and responsive. We did not experience any lags while playing the game. The game requires Android OS 1.6+.

Final Take

Princess Sofia for Android is an endless runner game that is designed to delight adventure-loving young girls. The game play is simple with manageable difficulty levels. The graphics is OK, fi not great. The pop-up ads are an annoyance though. An IAP to remove ads would have been handy. It is also stable. Check it out if you got young girl kids at home.