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I'm Destroyer Lite iPhone app Review


The I’m Destroyer Lite iPhone app is a little destroyer puzzle game that lets you get the most out of a classic physics engine while using unique strategy to try and complete all of the levels.  There are over thirty levels that you can try, and each has multiple ways to accomplish it.  The key to this game is to bomb a variety of different obstacles without knocking your little robot off of his perch.  If he falls off of the platform then you fail the task and have to start all over again.  If you can get rid of all your bombs without falling off then you beat the level.

The controls are simple, you click items to bomb them and the black iron is the only part of the game that is safe to fall on.  You must use all of your bombs to move on in the game.


  • Over thirty different levels to choose from.  If you upgrade to the full version than you can get even more than that
  • There are a variety of different ways to complete each task so you will have to play levels over and over again in order to find out all of the different combinations
  • The game graphics are simple but stunning, and the backgrounds are enjoyable to look at
  • There is an original soundtrack on the game and you will find that it is dynamic and matches the feel of the app
  • You can start on any of the levels when you first begin so just pick one and get started
  • There is an option where you can get some in-game tips and also a place where you can get human interface description
  • They frequently update the game and you can look for the next version to have global rankings and leaderboards
  • It will also have another 20 levels in it, and even more items that will keep the game fresh and fun


Kind of a fun little platform puzzle game to keep you busy during those boring moments in life.  It is original in that you are trying to stay on top of the platform while bombing the crap out of other stuff.  The lite version is great because it is completely free and you don’t have to worry about wasting any money on it.  There are also enough features in the free version to keep you busy for quite a while.

Voted 3 1/2 stars by iPhone app users and is currently free to download.

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Hoggy iPhone app Review


The Hoggy iPhone app is a puzzle game that takes platforming to the next level.  You take the place of the friendly blob, Hoggy.  But all is not well in the land because your girlfriend was taken by those pesky moon men.  You have to rescue her but the only way to do it is to visit all of the forty five jar worlds and eat all of the fruit that is contained inside of them.  You will love the sidescrolling action and the cartoony 2D graphics as you progress through the game.

To play effectively, all you need to do is to tilt your iPhone and use the accelerometer to make Hoggy move left or right.  You can also turn him upside down by tapping the screen.  You will have to use a mixture of smarts and quickness in order to get all of the fruit and save your girlfriend!


  • This new edition of the game has a lot more replay value than the older version.  In this version of Hoggy the game no longer just stops playing after you beat Hogatha.  You can now go back and finish playing once you get through all of the credits
  • There is now a soundtrack that accompanies the game and lets you relax and have an all encompassing experience as you play through the levels
  • There was a bug in the old version that let you get out of a jar as a square but in the totally wrong place.  This new edition has corrected that
  • The options and settings are fully customizable and you can go through and change the positions of the buttons to make them more user friendly
  • There are over 45 different jar worlds that you have to go through, devouring all of the fruit in your path
  • The controls are simple, you tilt the phone to move and tap it to reverse gravity


There were a few bugs in the older version of the game that took away from the game as a whole, but they have since been fixed and it is much better.  They also added some other customization features to make it more enjoyable.  You will love how challenging some of these levels are, and also the ability to keep playing once you have beat the main boss.  This game offers a lot of replay value and should be a must have among iPhone apps.

Voted 4 stars by iPhone app users and currently costs $2.99 to download.

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Tetris iPhone App Review


If you love puzzle games, then you likely already have downloaded this app or are planning to buy it.  The Tetris iPhone app is one of the most paid downloads out there for mobile devices.  Iphone apps users have already downloaded over a million copies and it has made Tetris one of the most popular and recognized games of the puzzle industry.

The idea of Tetris is fairly simple.  You have a rectangular board you are working on, and you have to guide different shaped pieces down into the rectangle to form straight lines across.  As soon as you connect all the way across, that line is dissolved, opening up new options for other pieces.  The more lines you dissolve the higher your score and so on.  A “Tetris” is when you fill an entire five line block and dissolve it at the same time.  you get the most points for this, and are always aiming for it.  As you dissolve a certain number of lines you will increase levels which will change your environment and also the difficulty of the game.  The farther you go, the faster the pieces fall down, and the quicker you have to make a decision of where to place them.

Tetris is addicting and a great way to exercise brain power.  This is a great mobile version that everyone can enjoy.    The developers have done a few things to keep this remake fresh and new to all gamers.  First of all, you can either listen to the background music and sound effects or you can listen to your own iTunes library while playing the game.  Next, there are a lot of different modes to choose from.  You can pick the Classic mode which brings you back to the basics.  Rotate your blocks, slide them, and drop them into place using the unique touchscreen interface.   There is also a magic mode which has five different versions included in it.

Last of all you can get online and track your high scores and other top ranked Tetris players.  This puzzle game has quite a competitive market, so in order to be the best you have to be pretty quick!


  • A variety of  different modes to choose from, including Classic Marathon Mode and Magic Mode
  • Classic Marathon Mode involves all of the basics of tetris
  • Magic Mode has five different versions:  Bubble Wrap, Minimizer, Smashdown, Magic Crayon, and Wrecking Ball
  • Online score board so you can check stats and high scores
  • Can listen to iTunes while playing the app instead of the background music


Still one of the very best puzzle games out there.  The gameplay is smooth and the touchscreen gives you a unique look into the game.

Voted4 stars by iPhone app users and currently costs $4.99.

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