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qPDF Viewer Free PDF Reader Android App Review

qPDF Viewer Free PDF Reader Android is a pdf viewer and reader. Most documents are encrypted and converted into pdf for security concerns. One most important aspect is that editing a pdf document is hard. So, instead of keeping documents in an editable format it is safe to convert them into a non editable format. qPDF is one such app that makes viewing and reading pdf files as easy as it can get. It is a best in class app for its reliability and usability. The performance is in par to deliver the most advanced Android pdf technology. It is available for all Android phones and tablets.

Read and view pdfs with this friendly App

qPDF Viewer Free PDF Reader App for Android is a user friendly app that helps you read and view Adobe pdf documents.With a neat and simple interface, the app has all the features required for a pdf reader. It renders a pdf document instantly with high fidelity. It supports text reflow, navigation using document outlines, add personal bookmarks and create links. It offers good viewing mode. It has horizontal mode, single page, night view and so on. You can set annotations and comments for the author to read. Apart from the bookmark feature, the app actually remembers your last page.

Navigation is smooth with efficient controls. Quickly zoom in and zoom out pagesby pinching in and out on the screen. Specify the page number and go exactly to that page. Double tap to fit to the size of the device screen. Displays page continuously and scroll like a web page. The app requires permission to modify SD card, find cloud service accounts and access networks.


qPDF Viewer Free PDF Reader Android App is quite easy to handle and use. It integrates well with other apps like Dropbox and Google Drive to access and save files. It supports encrypted or password protected files. It can also validates digital signatures.It optimizes well on all devices be it small devices or big screens. The app supports English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. The app is free to download and use within no in app purchases and ads.