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Quick Heal Total Security Android App Review

Quick Heal Total Security for Android is an antivirus and premium security app that provides whole lot of security service for your smartphones. Most of us are by now a smartphone geek. We do anything and everything over phone and with the availability of cheap data, things have become much more easier. Such an increase in usage of online services has increased the threat of security of your private data and the phone in itself. Quick Healgives you a complete and easy way against all privacy and security threats, malware, fake apps and key loggers. It keeps your device safe.

Protect with ease, protect with care, use Quick Heal

Quick Heal Total Security Android App is a robust web security with lot of features that enables you to protect your phone from all kinds of threats. The app had anti theft technology that prevents your phone from being stolen or misused. You can easily erase data on your phone remotely or even lock your device. It has motion sensors that raises an alarm if you move the phone from it’s current position or if it is in your pockets.

Quick Heal Total Security scans all the apps you download and identifies fake apps. It also identifies and blocks all malware. The antivirus engine detects and protects from all malicious programs. Created secure and private pin codes, patterns and passwords to protect sensitive data and apps. Applies parental controls and blocks websites from children. Block unwanted calls, be it local or international calls. Flexible backup option is available and it can be customized as well.


Quick Heal Total Security App for Android will makes its presence felt throughout with enough notifications and tries to put everything upfront. The app has a large banner at the top that has alerts of issues that need your immediate attention. You need to turn on certain features, like the protection from key loggers. It is a type of malware that can record key press to steal sensitive data like passwords and credit card numbers. The app is not free and it comes with a minimal amount of $2.80 to download and use. They have further in app purchases to include additional features.