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RDR2: Companion Android Game App Review

RDR2 for Android is a companion app for red dead redemption 2 that helps you connect directly with PlayStation and Xbox. It means that the app will act as a second screen as you play the game using a third party facility like ps4, Xbox or TV. All the core information and statistics will be displayed in real time. You really do not have to depend on the HUD offered by the gaming controls of the television and actually opt to deactivate it.

Play in style with this great companion

Red Dead Redemption 2 Companion for Android has real time map tracking that helps you explore and spot gang members, wanted areas and key locations. It shows your location in real time, letting you zoom in and out, and pan. As you unlock important points, you get to easily locate camps, doctors, stables, hotels and more.The app resembles the screen you get when you play the game on a TV, PlayStation and Xbox. So, this makes the learning curve much less and you get acquainted with the app quite easily. The app is based on skeuomorphic design that gives a way to present information on a screen like in a real world itself.

The catalog complete with illustrations and colorful text present with the game in the store is created as is in RDR2: Companion app. You get the best experience as you read through the catalog and enjoy the illustrations as you were holding it in your hand. Arthur Morgan’s journal about the game is covered in detail. Like everything else, it resembles a real book, as you page through it, you get to view handwritten entries and hand drawn illustrations.


RDR2 Companion, developed by Rockstar Games, is a great aid for those who are in love with the red dead series. The app has complete official manual that is fully digitized. You can track the statistics of the social activities by other players and take part in their online interactive sessions and know your current progression in the story. The app is free to download with in app purchases for additional features.