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Read Along Android App Review

Read Along Learn to Read with Google Android App provides you with a platform to learn and read new languages easily. You get the companion of a friendly reading buddy and discover the magic as you learn to read new languages. It is the best app for children to make them read in a fun way. It fosters learning in them as they learn to love reading. Reading is an important step in understanding new languages. It helps you get the diction right, build your vocabulary and understand the language. The app works best if you already have the basic understanding of the alphabets.

Enjoy Learning New Languages And Muster Your Reading Habit

Read Along Learn to Read with Google for Android is a simple intuitive app that knows what a young mind needs. It gives a fun and game like experience which children will love. There are engaging stories, word games that will challenge you to learn something new. You get to read aloud and get rewarded with badges and stars which will boost your confidence. The Read Along app will help encourage new learners to learn independently at their own pace. It tracks your learning progress as you make advancement in the reading journey.

The reading buddy listens to you as you read aloud supports whenever you struggle. You can tap on a word to hear it pronounced accurately.  The Read Along app does not require any of your private details like name, age, location, email, contact or phone number thereby providing complete privacy and security.

Safe Fun Reading

Read Along Learn to Read with Google for Android is a fun app that engages children in the process of helping them to read. The languages includes English, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, Bangla, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Urdu among others. The app is great if you want your child to gain confidence in a language and have a lifelong passion for reading. The Read Along Android App works perfectly well offline. You just need the internet connection for the download.  The simply focuses only on reading and have enough exercises for the children to practice it. The app is free for download and use. There are no ads placed by the developer. There are no in-app purchases available in the app.