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Reddit is Fun (Unofficial) Android App Review

Reddit is a social media platform that gives you a chance to interact with people from all over the world and share and discuss about content on websites. Now, if you are an avid user of Reddit and you want to experience it on your mobile, then one of the best options that you have is Reddit is Fun. Reddit is Fun (RIF) is an app that brings the Reddit Experience to your Android phone. It is an unofficial app, which means that there is no connection with the official Reddit Platform. However, you can rest assured that you would get the same experience that you get on Reddit.

Make Reddit More Fun with RIF

Reddit is Fun (Unofficial) for Android brings the all the features and functionalities of the Reddit Platform on your Android Phone. However, it is not the ‘official’ app. Now, when someone says that an app is not official a lot of questions might come to your mind. One of the first questions that come up is security. Well, we do share some sensitive information on your Reddit platform and you don’t want it to fall in the wrong hands. You can rest assured that when you use RIF, your information would be completely safe. Your information would never fall in the wrong hands. They never share any information with third parties.  RIF gives you a fun and intuitive interface to search Reddit and interact with users from across the world.


Allows you to Reddit on your phone

Use it on tablet and your phone as well

Supports widget

Sync your usage history across devices with synccit

Get instant notifications for activity on your Reddit account


Reddit is Fun (Unofficial) for Android is a great find for people who are passionate users of Reddit. Although it is unofficial app, it has all the features that you would love. We loved the simplicity of the app. The interface is really simple and quite similar to the Reddit interface on the web. So, you can figure out the app pretty easily and get working in no time. It would not be an exaggeration to say that it is one of the best ‘unofficial’ apps on the Google Play Store. So download the app and use Reddit on your Android phone with ease.