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Scrabble Go – New Word Game iPhone App Review

Scrabble Go New Word Game iPhone App is a word game which provides players a unique crossword game experience. The game tests our vocabulary skills and also tests our brain to find out words that are been scrabbled. We can play games with the computer, with our friends and family through online. This game can be downloaded for free from the Apple App store and it contains in-app purchases. The Scrabble game offers different modes and also we can customize the tiles to our requirements. The game is been really interesting throughout and it tests our skills in vocabulary field. We can play tournaments, local online matches, practice matches etc. in the game with other player around the globe and with the computer.

Best Word Game

The Scrabble Go New Word Game iPhone App game offers a great gaming experience in different modes where we can tests our skills in finding words. We can easily connect with our friends and family through Facebook and can play real time matches against them with chatting options using emojis and phrases. We can show our skill level by collecting stunning tiles by unlocking chests and use them with our matches against other players. The Scrabble Go New Word iPhone App Game also has different modes such as dual mode where we can play five turns head to head with players having similar skills where each turn has a timer. The word drop mode is also an interesting one where the tiles and letters are been replaced and shifted many times during the game.

There are also game modes such as tumbler and rush where we can test our skills and score high ranks. The practice mode enables us to understand the gameplay and also is a great way to test our tactics. We can play tournaments where winning games, gaining more XP etc. will help us to top the leaderboard. In our profile page, we can also check out for our scoring average, best plays, longest words etc.

Test our skills

Scrabble Go New Word Game iPhone App is a great arena to test our word knowledge and strategies to find scrabbled words. We can subscribe the game by making in app purchase to experience ad free, full access to the game. The game works perfectly in iOS devices having iOS version 10.0 or above and is one of the best game choices in iOS platform with smooth gameplay and vivid graphics.