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SD Maid System Cleaning Tool Android App Review

Android is popularly perceived to be an easy-to-use-operating system for mobile phones. However, this system is not entirely free from complications. One of the biggest complications that an average Android user faces is the problem with unwanted files. Every time you delete an app, there are some files that stay within the system, only eating up space and not doing anything worthwhile. Even when the app is running, it generates a lot of unwanted files like crash reports and others. SD Maid –System Cleaning Tool for Android helps you to solve all those issues with ease.

Keeping Your Phone Clean

The objective of SD Maid Android app is simple – to help you to remove all unwanted junk files in your system, cleaning up your system in the process. The app helps you to explore your entire system and find out and clean the junk files. It helps you to detect files that are created by the uninstalled apps that are still residing in your system. You can also clean the expendable files, which is more effective that the ‘normal’ cache cleaning. The app also works as a file management system, as it helps you to search for files with the help of various attributes and also gives you a detailed view of the storage of your phone.

Notable Features

Clean all kinds of junk files with a few taps.
Delete duplicate images, videos and other files as well.
The tools can be run automatically via a widget or a schedule.
Help to optimize databases.
Remove superfluous files from your system.


Keeping your phone clean is crucial if you want to get the desired level of performance from your phone. SD Maid – System Cleaning Tool for Android would help you out with that perfectly. So, get the app today and clean up your phone without any hassles.

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