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Snack Video Android App Review

Snack Video Android App is used watching funny and entertainment video, downloading our favorite ones instantly, posting our own fantastic moments, making new friends across the globe etc. The app contains endless stream of short videos that helps the users to refresh their minds. The creativity and acting skills of common people can be exhibited through this platform and with the app they can show-off their talents globally. Snack video for android is a free to download app developed by Snack Video for exploring engaging videos.   

Explore most exciting, funny short videos

Snack Video Android App is filled with all types of engaging videos such as mostly funny including prank, news, games, entertainment, pets etc. The app also provides personalized video feed which is based on our interests, for example the type of videos we mostly watch, like and share. The user interface of the app has different options at the bottom including home icon where different short videos can be streamed in which we can like, share, comment, add music   and download videos right from the sidebar. The home icon includes videos that are been in the trending list, videos of our followers and also videos of those who are nearby. We can sign up to the app by either using our mobile number or email id.

We can edit the details in our profile and also can easily upload videos from our gallery where we can add suitable music from online, add stickers, add filters and effects, add text etc. can be done. The name of the video uploaded account and the music used are also displayed corresponding to each video. The interface also consists of icon to search for videos, upload button, notification icon and profile icon to view our profile.

Watch customized videos specifically for you

Snack Video Android App is an entertaining app developed to match up with other short video streaming apps in the app store. The app is available in the Google Play Store and in-app purchase can be done on products using either credit/debit card, internet wallet or by Google play game account wallet. The infinite amount of videos can be discovered from the app and is a great choice for entertainment.