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Spark Mail by Readdle Android App Review

Spark Mail by Readdle Love your email again android app  provides you a great experience as you mail. It lets you fall in love with email. It is a mailing app for professionals which brings together simplicity and collaboration. The app is polish, beautiful and has depth in features that make mailing effortless. The app lets you create an experience that works for you. You can create the right revolutionary emails for your team. It is easy to take control of your inbox and create a customized mailing experience that works for your team. It can be called as an email superpower that has rich, cutting edge tools to help you workaround emails really easy.

Have Supreme Control Over Your Inbox With Spark

Spark Mail by Readdle for android is a beautifully designed app that is intuitive, secure, fast and collaborative. The modern design and features will make you love your email experience.  It is no more a messy chunk of emails anymore but a beautiful thread of messages that works best for you. It works smart. Notification  alerts are only for mails from people you know. Emails are stored into email cards that works like a folder. You can batch read, delete, archive or move all emails from a card with a swipe.

Spark widget in home screen let you know the number of emails, search and even compose new emails. Create shortcuts to frequently used cards. Invite teammates to discuss specific emails and threads. Create different signatures and choose the right one before you send emails.


Spark Mail by Readdle for android  is an intelligent email app that gives you a smart way to workaround with your email. It helps you focus on top priority mails and reduces any distraction. The app lets you add multiple email accounts and that includes professional accounts and private emails accounts like gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and more. You can create secure links to specific email or conversation thread and share the link on any messaging platform. The app is free to download and use. There are no ads placed by the developer. There are no in-app purchases available in the app.