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Star Rain HD App Review

Star Rain HD is one of the best amazing and astounding applications available on the iOS platform. Developed by Shen Ji Pan, the app brings an incredible fluid star gazing experience at a rate of 60 fps (frequency per seconds) on the screen.


Star Rain HD has a wonderful user interface. The game play is based on solar system virtualization. It shows the movement of particles along with stars group in a gravitational field. The movement can be crafted into numerous ways which would lift your imagination at every moment in the game play. After the successful installation, launch of application begin with options on top and bottom of the screen. The two top buttons are “move star mode” and “respawn particles mode”. Move star mode let a player to move the star round the screen while Respawn particles mode permits respawn of particles at the touch points of fingers to generate an amazing solar system virtualization. The graphics of the game play is outstanding which would never let you down. It’s an addictive app to get from iTunes App Store which costs just $1.99.

Star Rain HD App

The objective of the game is to revive a user senses and explore a wonderful experience in virtualization. The other two buttons at the bottom of the screen are to add/remove stars. The maximum number of stars on the screen can be accommodated as nine. A user can relish upon decentralizing of stars, forming pentagon, hexagonal and many more arrangements in the solar system. It’s all about a player permutation and combination, one can utilize in creation to relish a new gaming experience.


Star Rain HD is just amazing. It’s a good companion when you have a boring or sparing time. It’s an innovative game and stands apart among its rivalries. The app requires IOS version 3.2 or higher. The app is only compatible with iPad. It’s a good bet to download this app to experience star and particles interactions in a gravitational field on the seven inch screen.