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Tango Live Video Broadcasts iPhone App Review

Tango Live Video Broadcasts iPhone App let you stay connected through live broadcasts. It is an interactive live video platform with around 400 million users. The app is where you get live content and also communicate instantly. A big advantage with Tango is that you can monetize your live content. Tango Live lets you broadcast your talent and earn good money out of it. You meet people around the world andmake fans. Go live and broadcast your talents to keep your fans happy. The rewards they send can be redeemed for real cash.

Go live, broadcast and communicate, that’s Tango for you

Tango Live Video Broadcasts iPhone App provides you many ways to connect with people and share content. This includes, live broadcasts, video calls, text messages, group chats, voice calls, music and more. It works really well pretty much the same across all platforms. The users will have to be 13 years and above as per the terms and conditions of the app. You can create a Tango account using your Facebook account.

Tango Live Video Broadcasts app for iPhone will access your contacts and accept push notifications to receive calls. Tap on a contact to make calls. Tap the video icon to make a video call or the phone icon to make regular calls. The app provides various other features. Find other users nearby and group chat with them. Play games and have fun. Post and read news feeds. It is categorized into various groups, like, sports, news, movies, music and more. The app simply lets people connect easily, socialize and have fun. The app has a multitude of different features that let people communicate and share.


It takes two to tango, but in this app you can tango 50 and more people. Apart from broadcasting and communication, the app also has cool games and other stuffs. The Tango iPhone app is available in most of the European languages and a few Asian languages other than English. The basic version of theapp is free to download and use.You can upgrade through in app purchases. The additional features let you see up to ten to fifteen messages.