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TaoMix 2: Sleep Sounds & Focus iPhone App Review

TaoMix 2: Sleep Sounds & Focus is an iOS platform free application provides a unique custom acoustic environment which makes ourself stress free and much relaxed. Wants to have a good sleep, having a stressed mind? , this app is a best choice. It offers better refreshment and relaxation through soothing music’s and ideal visual background. The app was selected as the best app of iTunes App Store in 2018 and it is one of the most downloaded apps in the App Store. The application comes under the category Health & Fitness in the app store.

TaoMix 2 Sleep Sounds & Focus iPhone App Review

Relax and Get Better Sleep

There are 3 classes of sounds such as Wind, Birds and Water in TaoMix 2: Sleep Sounds & Focus iPhone app. The user can manually mix the sounds or can select from the library in the application and can add it in to their soundscapes which can played or shared and also can be deleted. The app provides the option to customize and change the sounds according to the user’s interest. The soothing classic noises includes gentle raindrops, chirruping birds, thunderstorms which all makes you relaxed and feels like it is happening around you. One of the attractive feature is that timer is included in this app which allows you to play soundscapes which shuts off after a specified time period. The timer can be used to fall asleep or to set a time limit for meditation or yoga sessions. TaoMix 2app can be controlled by using airplay devices such as iPad, iPhone etc. The user can also listen to the soundscapes while using other music application at the same time.

The interface of TaoMix 2: Sleep Sounds & Focus for iPhone contains three colored circles along with a white circle. The white circle can be moved to hear different sounds in different combinations. The blue circle indicates the sound of water, the pink for birds and the green circle is for wind. The white circle can be navigated around different circles and also their combinations. The automatic mixing setting allows to automatically moving the white circle around the screen at different speeds.

Calm Meditation & White Noise

TaoMix 2: Sleep Sounds & Focus for iPhone is one of the best apps available in the App Store. The soundscapes are really amazing and soothing. The premium version of the app can be subscribed from the app store which provides unlimited access to all sounds. The user can create relaxing visual atmosphere along with the sound and also can record their creations.