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Todoist: Organize your life iPhone App Review

Todoist for iPhone is a task management app that keeps track of daily tasks, it could be simple outing to a big budget project, it is all taken care off really well. Enjoy peace of mind and the fact that you know more forget a thing let you be more calm and controlled. The app takes out all the tasks from your thoughts into the to-do list and you will end up managing the task anytime anywhere.

Be your best and manage yourself pretty well

Todoist for iPhone has a clean and simple interface with excellent collaboration and classification tools. It is a robust software that can be applied for individuals, small team, and corporates. You can manage anything from a shopping list to big projects with big teams. The app is available for ten+ different platforms with a maximum of 80 active projects. There is a limit of five people per project. Easily enter data with intelligent input and pin favorite projects, label, and also search filters. Add reminders based on time or location.  Add comments or notes fit each and every tasks.

Todoist iPhone App

Filters provide advanced search and sorting of tasks across all projects.  You can add proper context and a visual appeal to each task by adding labels to them. View all the tasks for the next seven or three days based on how you want it. You can type out the tasks in simple language set a reminder, priority, label and assign the task and you are done.

Assign Errands & Achieve Goals

Todoist for iPhone never gives you the chance to get overwhelmed with the burden of organizing and managing all your tasks. You never have to worry about forgetting. It brings in the right tools to motivate you so you could achieve your goals. It helps you get things done in a way you will not realize any kind of burden. Manage tasks anytime, anywhere with data synced to all your devices. The basic version of the app is free for a trial period and offers in app purchases for monthly and yearly subscription of the premium version.