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Battery Double iPhone app Review


Have you ever been on your phone and looked at the little battery meter and completely misjudged how much battery you have left?  The problem is that the little icon is so tiny that you aren’t really aware of how much battery life is actually left.  Then you may need to make an important phone call only to realize that you don’t have enough battery life left on your phone.  The solution comes in the form of Battery Double iPhone app.  In the battery double app you will be able to increase your talk time, your audio time, your video playback time, your 3G and WiFi time, and much more.  The only thing that this app doesn’t help with is actually increasing your time in standby mode.

If you have other Apple devices like the iPhone 4 or the iPad then you can transfer this app over without any extra charge as long as you are using the same iTunes account on there.


  • With the Battery Double app you will be able to see that your total battery life will be completely split into two different views.  Each of these little battery views will show about 50% of the entire capacity of the battery on your phone
  • If you look at the little docklet on the left and it is almost halfway gone then you will see that your phone will show that it only has about 75% of it’s battery life still left to use before it eventually dies
  • Once the little battery docklet on the left is completely gone it will switch over to the docklet on the right.  Here you will be able to see that when it is halfway gone that your really only have 25% of your batter life left to use
  • The main purpose of this device is to give you a perspective of your battery life from two different icons.  This will split up how you view your battery life on your iOS device
  • Once you get used to the format you will love how much more aware of your battery life that you are.  This app will let you better see how much is left on there for future use.


This app has been given a rating of 3 out of 5 stars by iPhone app users and can be used to help you better see how much of your battery you are actually using on your phone.  You can download this battery app onto your iPhone for only $0.99.