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TransferWise iPhone App Review

TransferWise iPhone App is a money transfer app that lets you send money across borders with the lowest possible exchange rate. We are increasingly becoming a global citizen traveling across borders. People earn, spend and transfer money internationally more often than before.There are numerous options to transfer money internationally. Send via banks, PayPal and other money transfer company. TransferWise eases money transfer and helps you save more by making transfers less expensive. Transfer money directly to a bank account or through debit and credit card. The app also supports Apple Pay, Android Pay or SOFORT transfer option.

Transfer wisely to anywhere around the world

TransferWise iPhone App will help you earn more while spending little. An innovative way to transfer money internationally. Main focus is to make money transfer as affordable as possible. If you do a research of bank transfers and other money transfer rates, it is always above market and absolutely no transparency.

 TransferWise app for iPhone provides a mid market that is transparent with speedy process and transfer of money. The money will be transferred within one or two business days and will send you status of the transfer with push notifications. From their inception, they have been disrupting the traditional money transfer model with a massive growth.  Transfer money to about 71 countries from 43 countries across 49 different currencies. A best user interface and easy to use experience. The app is like a finance dashboard that can be used anytime anywhere.


TransferWise iPhone App is now being used by millions and is now the best way to transfer money. Forget paying the exorbitant currency exchange rates fixed by banks and other money transfer options. The app has a streamlined process that is easy to get through and makes use of the standard exchange rates.It is so good to be true for its users with a true mid value rate. The app is called the Robin hood in the world of money transfer. Safe, secure and upfront, you do not have to worry about the transfer at all.It is available in English, European and Asian languages. The app is free to download and use. There are no in app purchases or ads.